For the past ten years, Azoth Systems has been supporting diving professionals around the world – companies, industrial groups and defense stakeholders – in the development of customized diving procedures to prevent decompression-related accidents.


Azoth Systems brings together physiologists, hyperbaric doctors, operational experts, scientists and engineers driven by a common ambition: to better protect living beings.

All the knowledge developed by this team is condensed in a technology at the forefront of security.

Last stage of the evolution: Azoth Systems has reached a new level by opening its know-how to the diving practice of the general public.


Axel Barbaud

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Engineer of the French Naval School, Axel Barbaud was, in the first part of his career, a naval officer. As a navy diver and a test diver in the French Navy, he is confronted with the problem of decompression sickness, occurring despite the respect of diving procedures.

By creating BF SYSTEMES and then Azoth Systems, he is working towards three main objectives: to solve the problem of decompression sickness that wrecks too many lives, to grow a meaningful business in order to create economic wealth and jobs and to push back the limits of knowledge in this fascinating multidisciplinary field that is underwater physical sciences and human physiology.

At Azoth Systems, Axel develops the spirit of innovation and gives meaning to the company by concentrating its efforts and progress to fulfill these objectives.

This born entrepreneur appreciates the human adventure and the dream of Azoth Systems, not to mention the freedom and responsibility of creating and developing his business.


Sales and Marketing Director

Engineer of the French Naval School and graduate of HEC Paris, François-Xavier held management positions in the Navy for 15 years before joining the private sector in 2013 in the field of underwater robotics.
Attracted by the entrepreneurial adventure, he entered Azoth Systems as a partner and held the position of sales and marketing director. He is in charge of launching the new product on the mainstream market and developing the business in France and abroad.

Julien HUGON

Scientific Director

As a research engineer, passionate about diving (open circuit and rebreather) and author of the PhD thesis “Towards a biophysical modeling of decompression”, Julien Hugon, associate member of Azoth Systems, puts his expertise as a researcher and engineer to the benefit of the company.

His expertise involves the engineering of complex diving procedures or the development and qualification of customized models of recommendations.

He also works on a timeshare basis for the development of an innovative thermal subsystem for the SES17 satellite at Thales Alenia Space (France).

Julien likes to contribute to widen the perspectives of the evolution of the diving, within a rigorous, competent, persevering and united team.

Céline Quinsac

Embedded Ultrasound Technologies & Signal Processing Project Manager

Biomedical engineer by training, her scientific expertise is centered on the ultrasonic signals and their processing, in particular applied to the cardiovascular network since her doctorate. In charge of the technology in its early stages of development (first prototypes and proofs of concept), Céline Quinsac also deals with the management and the processing of the Doppler signals recorded by our sensors so that they deliver all the information necessary for the customization of procedures. Her role is also to open the potential of our technology to other areas, especially in the medical field.

She likes to explore new scientific and technological horizons in collaboration with the best experts, to develop powerful tools, at the service of passionate people and their health.


Scientific expert in deep diving

After a scientific university education, Bernard spent his whole career at Comex (France), where he was a scientific director, until his retirement in 2015. He is very familiar with the detection of bubbles, for being one of the first to use it in the industrial diving, around 1975.

Through Julien, he met Axel and joined Azoth Systems in 2017 as a scientific advisor for deep dives. Bringing wisdom and experience, he enjoys continuing to work in a young and passionate team, on innovative systems related to the safety of divers.