Azoth Systems, a cutting-edge company committed to divers safety

Based at the Technopôle de la Mer, on the site of the Pôle de Compétitivité Mer Méditerranée in Ollioules, Azoth Systems is an engineering and service company specialized in hyperbaric safety, that has developped the O’Dive technology.

  • Azoth Systems’ funders are come from professional and military diving, spatial and health industry (hyperbaric medicine, medical imaging, medical devices).
  • Azoth Systems is specialized in diving procedures engineering.It has furthermore invented and industralized the O’Dive PRO solution, which is for the first time in the world enabling the industrial world to benefit from the field of personalized decompression.
  • Several industrial players (Oil & Gas, defence, hyperbaric companies) in Europe, Asia and North America trust Azoth Systems today to develop their diving procedures, secure their practice and improve their safety towards the risks of decompression sickness.

Our solution: O'Dive PRO

Azoth Systems is theinventor of the O’Dive connected technology, entirely produced in France, in the PACA region.

  • O’Dive is the result of a multi-disciplinary research program that mobilized an international team of adozen of scientifics over ten years. This solution benefits of a hindsight based over the analysis of several hundreds of thausends dives.
  • O’Dive PRO has been developed to be used under hyperbaric conditions, with a equivalent pressure up to 500 m deep.

Hyperbaric validation test performed at the Comex

They use the O'Dive PRO service


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Our latest missions

  • Under The Pole III mission: desaturation monitoring of the Capsule programme’s diving procedures
  • Monitoring of the decompression procedures of GOMBESSA expedition
  • Development of diving procedures up to 500 m deep for the industry and the rescue at sea
  • Instrumentation for the desaturation monitoring of hypobaric operators
  • Control of table points correction through a desaturation monitoring during work operations on a high altitude dam

Upcoming events

We will take part in the Underwater Intervention 2020 show to present you the O’Dive solution.
Come and meet us in New Orleans from 4th till 6th of February 2020.